Our Services

A suite of library solutions

Library Market’s lineup of products offers libraries elegant and intuitive solutions tailored to the challenges of each individual library and their patrons. Designed to redefine a library’s digital presence and increase their visibility, our services help libraries broaden their reach, making the work they do in providing resources to their communities even more effective. With our combination of experience in libraries, graphic design, and web development, Library Market works with our library clients to develop the tools they need to adapt to the changing environments they inhabit. 

Ames Public Library Website by LibraryMarket

Our Story

Starting a revolution

Library Market is a web development, marketing, and design company focused exclusively on the library industry. Founded by a group of professionals with decades of combined experience in graphic design, web development, and library services, we are uniquely positioned to offer elegant and intuitive products that fulfill the technological and branding needs of our clients. Our team is dedicated to providing creative solutions that allow libraries to connect with their communities in more meaningful ways. 

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Our Process

Patron & Staff Centered Design

Every library has a story to tell. Telling this story well allows libraries to more effectively engage patrons. Library Market specializes in helping libraries find their story and offers creative opportunities for turning this story into results. Throughout our 4-phase project process, we collaborate with our clients to:

  1. Discover the library's story, including its challenges
  2. Design an elegant, patron-centered approach
  3. Develop a product that meets the client's needs
  4. Deliver a solution that enhances the library's relationship with its community

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