Our Story

LibraryMarket is a small strategic design agency exclusively committed to providing creative and cost-effective branding, marketing, and technology solutions for libraries and their communities.

Meet Hootie!

Our Mission

Our team’s combination of library, marketing, and technology experience allows us a unique perspective when developing strategies for libraries. We can propose and deliver solutions with a distinct advantage over outside firms because we focus exclusively on libraries. Our mission is to help libraries connect to their communities by offering superior marketing and technology products.

Our Beliefs

We believe that libraries are more successful when they can engage their users through quality technology and branding. Our goal is to provide innovative and elegant solutions to expand the reach of libraries. We are committed to products streamlined for use by patrons and libraries alike.

Our Values

Library Market proudly reflects values that public libraries put into practice every day. We remain rooted in our library origins and understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in ensuring all community members are heard and supported, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, (dis)ability, or place of origin. We believe patron privacy, intellectual freedom, and free access to information are fundamental rights and work to make sure we help our clients achieve their goals within this framework.

What We Do

  • Web development
  • Marketing and branding services
  • Integrated calendar for events, registrations, and room reservations

Our Story

The story of Library Market began at the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library, where co-founders Ben Bizzle and Joe Box formed a creative team that revolutionized the library’s approach to digital services and marketing and resulted in a 2012 John Cotton Dana Award. Recognizing that libraries across the nation faced similar challenges in effectively reaching their patrons, Ben and Joe looked to create a company that would provide exceptional website and marketing services for the library industry.

The founding vision of Library Market was helping these libraries engage their communities with innovative, affordable products that reflected the day-to-day operations and budgets of libraries.

To turn this vision into reality, Joe and Ben approached designer Steven Trotter and project specialist Valerie Carroll, who were instrumental in transforming CCJPL’s website. With this partnership in place, Library Market began assembling a talented team of software developers, project managers, and support staff to guarantee the company could deliver creative branding and software solutions for the library industry.