About Us

The story of Library Market began at the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where co-founders Ben Bizzle and Joe Box formed a creative team that revolutionized the library’s approach to digital services and marketing and resulted in a 2012 John Cotton Dana Award. Recognizing that libraries across the nation faced similar challenges in effectively reaching their patrons, Ben and Joe looked to create a company that would provide exceptional website, branding, and marketing services for the library industry. The founding vision of Library Market was helping these libraries engage their communities with flexible, affordable products that reflected the day-to-day operations and budgets of libraries.

To turn this vision into reality, Joe and Ben approached designer Steven Trotter and developer Matt Smith, who were instrumental in transforming CCJPL’s website. This partnership ensured that Library Market would have the top-quality design and development talent and experience with providing creative solutions for the library industry necessary to succeed. With these parts in place, the company took on its first client in early 2015.

Library Market has since grown rapidly, adding more design, development, and project management talent. The company that began with the founders and their laptops on Ben’s couch is now a burgeoning business situated in a refurbished industrial building in historic downtown Jonesboro. Our product line has expanded to include Library Website, our website development platform; Library Calendar, our event registration and room reservation system; Library Card, our online library card registration system; Library Brand, our marketing and branding services; and Browsealoud, our wide-ranging accessibility tool for library websites and public access PCs.

Our Philosophy

Every library has a story. Every library has an audience in its community. What story is your library telling and who is hearing it?

At Library Market, we believe the two biggest challenges facing libraries are lack of awareness and barriers to entry. Our goals are 1) to help tear down those barriers by making library services more accessible, and 2) to broaden awareness by helping libraries build and foster strong relationships with their communities.

From our design strategies to our development process, Library Market is committed to enhancing the library experience you create for your patrons. Our mission is to help you tell a better library story.

Our Team

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Ben Bizzle
Founder & CEO
  • Leadership

Author of Start a Revolution: Stop Acting Like a Library, a 2013 Library Journal Marketing Mover & Shaker, and John Cotton Dana Award winner, Ben is also a national keynote speaker and library consultant who has dedicated his career to developing innovative solutions for libraries across the nation. When not looking for creative ways to revolutionize the library industry, Ben enjoys Netflix binges, playing with his dog Beau, and spending quality time with his daughter Maya.

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Steven Trotter
Founder & CDO
  • Design
  • Leadership

Steven, a marketing professional with nearly 20 years of experience, is also a passionate community organizer. His work as a creative director and community activist has provided Steven with a unique perspective when assisting libraries in presenting their message in a clear, concise way. When not working or volunteering, he can often be found watching documentaries, crafting in his wood shop, or floating down some river in his kayak.

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Matt Smith
Founder & CTO
  • Development
  • Leadership

With a BFA in Graphic Design from Arkansas State University and programming experience ranging from small nonprofits to international agencies, Matt is as involved in back-end functionality as he is in front-end design. He leads our development team with an eye towards user-friendly design and specializes in theme-driven development and custom module development. When he's not building a better web or rolling dice, he's probably playing his guitar or spending time with his wife Jessica.

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Joe Box
Founder & CIO
  • Leadership

With over 15 years’ technology experience, seven of those in libraries, Joe is keenly aware of the value of clean, simple user interfaces. He is dedicated to providing quality user experiences for both patrons and staff. His biting wit also plays a key role in creating much of our marketing material for libraries. When not evaluating interfaces, providing support services, or telling cringe-worthy jokes, Joe can usually be found at the gym, picking up heavy stuff and putting it back down again.

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Valerie Carroll
Chief Operating Officer
  • Content

Before joining the team, Valerie spent five years in a public library. She combines an eye for detail with passion for libraries and the people they serve. In addition to managing projects and day-to-day office operations, she also focuses on making sure our products are meeting the needs of libraries and their patrons. Valerie has an MA in English from Texas Tech University and spends her free time with her husband, two children, two cats, and a somewhat embarrassing yarn addiction.

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David Barrentine
Front-End Developer
  • Development

In addition to keeping the office supplied with a steady stream of puns, David is also a talented developer who is skilled at programming elegant solutions for our clients. He is a graduate of Arkansas State University with degrees in Graphic Design and Art History. David’s love of art extends into his personal life as well—he is an illustrator, photographer, and even creates his own custom modules for the tabletop roleplaying game he has run for his wife and friends for the last few years.

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Nicki Beckwith
Graphic Designer
  • Design

Nicki started as an intern and was brought onto the team full-time in May 2016. Her focus is on creating beautiful and intuitive experiences for our clients. Nicki is always learning new skills and evolved from doing just design to working with the content and styling of our clients’ websites and is now learning some basic programming. She will graduate from Arkansas State University in December 2016 with a BFA in Graphic Design and loves camping, hiking, and watching videos of French Bulldogs.

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Kell McNaughton
Back-End Developer
  • Development

Kell approaches his development work as a series of puzzles and enjoys finding opportunities to solve them in interesting ways. A self-taught programmer who learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript after a narrow miss with an industrial accident at his previous job, he joined the team in April of 2016. Kell is an avid Dungeons & Dragons player and takes care of a menagerie of pets—a dog named Starry, a lovebird named Peachy, and two green-cheeked conures named Baby and Darling—with his wife Gail.