For millions, the internet has been inaccessible—until now.

No matter their circumstances, people with access challenges deserve an equal opportunity to use library resources. With Browsealoud through Library Market, you’ll have a seamlessly integrated, easy-to-use tool for engaging these users both on your website and at your public access computers.

Browsealoud provides visitors to your website with the most intuitive accessibility tools at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere. In addition to transforming your website, your purchase of Browsealoud also comes with a Chrome extension that can be installed on all of your library’s public computers. Rather than having dedicated accessibility stations, you can offer every library user, no matter what challenges they face, the ability to access the internet on any computer at your library.

Easy-to-use, intuitive, and multi-functional, Browsealoud is the ideal web accessibility tool for libraries. Take the tour below and contact Library Market today for more information.

Features Tour


The Browsealoud Launchpad is located in the bottom right corner of this screen and is available on every page in your domain.

Click the Browsealoud icon to open the Launchpad; click and drag the arrow icon to move the toolbar anywhere on the screen.

Screen Reading

Ideal for users with vision and literacy challenges, Browsealoud's Hover-to-Speak Mode reads page text wherever the user points the mouse.

Make sure BrowseAloud's Hover-to-Speak mode is active (the hand is orange in the toolbar) and mouse over any text on this page to try it out. Click the stop button to stop reading or the hand button to turn off Hover-to-Speak.

Selection Reading

Additional option for screen reading that allows users to listen to selected text or entire page from the beginning.

Highlight a portion of text and click the play icon to hear it read aloud.


With 99 language options, 40 of which are compatible with screen reading, break down language barriers with professional-caliber page translation.

Click the globe icon and choose any language from the dropdown menu. When choosing a language from the top part of the menu (any above the dashed line), you can even listen to a translated version of the page.

MP3 Maker

Turn any page into an audio file with the click of a button for easy offline listening.

Highlight the text you want to save, and then click the icon to instantly generate and save an MP3 of the selected text.

Screen Masking

Browsealoud's screen masking feature allows users with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and other attention challenges to minimize distractions and focus only on the text they need.

Click the icon and move your mouse to control which section of the page is highlighted.


Many of Browsealoud's features can be used simultaneously, such as this tool that highlights and magnifies text at the top of the page while in screen reading mode.

Making sure the pointing finger icon is selected, click the magnifying glass icon and hover over any text on the page.


Use every feature of Browsealoud for online PDF documents.

Open the PDF file below. Choose the “use Browsealoud” option when prompted. If you are on a secure website (such as the demo site you are on now), you will need to click “yes” to give your browser permission to access this feature.

Browsealoud Demo PDF


Change reading speed, magnifier size, highlight colors, and more, allowing users to customize their online experience.

Click the settings icon to view options and adjust functionality of Browsealoud features.