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Offering only onsite library card registration prevents libraries from reaching out to potential patrons who work alternative schedules, cannot visit the library, or experience other access barriers. Give everyone in your community the opportunity to sign up for a library card online through a safe and effective system. Provide online registrants instant access to your eMedia collection and other digital offerings day or night. With Library Card, you can broaden your reach and offer library services to a wider group of people.

The online registration system makes it easy for us to give patrons a library card any time, day or night. MARINet loves Library Market because we can serve our night owl patrons without missing a wink of sleep.

Online Registration

Easy-to-use online registration system allows patrons to sign up for and receive library cards at any time. 

Digital Integration

Pre-verified card numbers and PINs ensure that online card registrants can access your digital collections immediately after signing up. 

3-Tier Verification

Security levels include service-area validation, address verification, and final approval by library staff. 

Custom Form

The online sign-up form is designed to meet your library’s needs and conform to your existing card registration policies.


System notifies you when activated cards are running low and allows you to easily upload new ones. 

Patron Privacy

Online card registration pages are hosted on a secure server, and patron information is protected with SSL encryption.