Library Calendar

event & room management
Screenshot of LibraryCalendar

A calendar should be a useful tool, not a stumbling block, in the process of engaging your community in library programs. Give your patrons an intuitive interface for finding and registering for the events that interest them. Allow community organizations to schedule and request room reservations anytime and anywhere. Provide your staff with the tools to manage and promote the events they put so much effort into creating. Library Calendar is a flexible, tailored time and room management solution that allows libraries to more fully engage their users.

The Library Calendar's responsive design was critical for our website. With a growing number of people looking at our website solely from their phones or tablets, having a fully functional and well-designed mobile calendar not only engages more patrons but also encourages them to come through our doors.

Integrated System

Schedule individual and series events in a centralized management system that eliminates room conflicts. 

Room Reservations

Allow community members to request meeting rooms online based on your library's room use policies.

Event Registration

Enable online event registrations for programs with easy management of room capacities, wait lists, and event reminders.

Flexible Design

Customize your calendar based on your branding guidelines, event categories, age groups, branches, hours, and more. 

Fully Responsive

Display events feed, program details, and all forms beautifully and functionally across desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms.

Easy Reports

Generate and download reports for room requests, room setups, event registrations, and more from the user dashboard.