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library branding & marketing
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A library’s branding strategy patterns every interaction with patrons—it creates the visual language with which libraries communicate with their communities. Give the vision you have for the library a compelling and consistent design. Show your community that the library is a modern and relevant institution that can provide value to their lives. Whether creating a new library logo or designing an entire branding package, Library Market can help you increase your visibility through elegant, effective marketing and design.

Library Market was incredibly professional to work with. Their team was genuinely interested in the feedback from staff and took the time to really get to the heart of the image that we wanted to project to our community. I would highly recommend them!

Tell Your Story

Our team works with you to discover a narrative that will drive effective engagement with your community. 

Design Consulation

We translate your story into visual space and provide expert advice for sharing it with the library's community and stakeholders. 

Logo Redesign

Our experienced designers distill your library’s story and desired aesthetic into a new visual identity that serves as the centerpiece of the library’s brand.

Marketing Strategy

After reviewing your current marketing—including collateral and advertising—we provide strategies for reimagining how you engage your community.

Branding Guidelines

Library Market develops a brand book for online and print media that will maintain brand consistency as you tell your story to new and existing audiences. 

Social Media

We manage social media campaigns for those facing millage or bond elections or to assist in increasing community awareness of the library.